Lea Mason

High Class Escort Lady Lea is a dream and desirable lady. She has a beautiful face, a well-shaped body and a fascinating charisma. She is not only beautiful, but also intelligent, amiable and full of affection. You won't be able to resist her smile!

Late 20s
172 cm
56 kg
Bra Size
Eye Color
Shoe Size
Hair Color

More Details

Education High School
Background Model
Fashion Designer Balman, Chanel
Perfume Chanel
Tattoos Yes
Interests travel, reading books, shopping, Spa
Lingerie Designer Agent provocateur, La Perla
Flowers all flowers
Favorite Travel London, Dubai
Piercing No
Sports Interests swimming, jogging
Cuisine Japanese, Italian
Gifts all gifts are welcome
Dream Travel Santiago, Cuba
Language English
Clothing Style elegant,casual, depend on occasion
Drinks Aperol Spritz
Smoking Yes


1h (Zürich ONLY /not all ladies!)  800 CHF
6h (inkl. Dinner) 1.900 CHF
Day & Night (24h) 3.500 CHF
2h 1.200 CHF
Overnight (up to 12h) 2.450 CHF
2 Overnights (48h) 5.000 CHF
3h or 4h (inkl. Snack) 1.500-1.700 CHF
Overnight (up to 18h) 2.900 CHF
Every additional night or day  1.600 CHF

 *This rate applies particularly to ladies like actresses, presenters, models, winners of beauty contest, known playmates etc.

These fees are a payment for the time your muse is keeping you company. Any erotic services depend on the affection and sympathy she feels for you and will not be charged Please hand over the non-negotiable fee to your muse at the beginning of your rendezvous, discretely and in an open envelope. For a longer booking, a rendezvous abroad or a rendezvous requiring a long-distance journey, an advanced payment of 40% of the agreed fee will be due.. 

If you have to cancel your rendezvous, please inform us by e-mail at least 48 hours before your scheduled arrival, in which case no fees will be charged. For cancellations within less than 48 hours, your muse will receive a compensation of EUR 300. Should she already be on her way, a reimbursement of EUR 500 will be charged as well as any travel expenses incurred. The remaining balance will be offset against the next booking. Costs for plane or train tickets that have already been booked will not be reimbursed.

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